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No. 1050VW

Violin In the White

In the white means: NOT Varnished--Completely made for you to finish in your Color Varnish. Pilot Holes drilled for pegs, Ebony Fingerboard, Inlaid Purlfing. Full Size Violin 4/4. This Model is Very Nicely Flamed Maple Back--Sides-Neck--with Spruce Top. Please see our information on Varnishing. To Correctly do varnishing, certain steps should be followed to make a good quality sounding instrument.

REG: $495.00 CAD
SALE: $429.00 CAD
≈ $336.89 USD

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No. 1030VW


Violin in the white--Not Varnished--Completely made for you including Inlaid Purfling, Ebony Fingerboard, Pilot holes made for Pegs. All is needed is to be Varnished. These are Full Size 4/4 Violins. Made of Maple and Spruce. lightly flamed.

REG: $395.00 CAD
SALE: $329.00 CAD
≈ $258.36 USD

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No. 1500VK

Violin Kit

Stentor Violin outfit with Violin--Case and Bow-Full Size--4/4--Student Model--- Very Slight mark on left upper edge.

REG: $389.00 CAD
SALE: $289.00 CAD
≈ $226.95 USD

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