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No 1730

Violin Case

Lightweight Foam Construction--Violin Shaped--Exterior Music Pocket--Carrying Straps--Two Bow Holders with inside accessory compartment. Color: Brown Outside --Brown Inside. Violin 3/4 Size And Full Size Violin 4/4---Now in Stock-----

$118.50 CAD
≈ $93.06 USD

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No 1740

Violin Case

Violin Case oblong Shaped- Full Size 4/4 Violin—Foam Construction—two Bow Holders-Full top pocket-Color: Black outside and Burgundy Inside.

$109.95 CAD
≈ $86.34 USD

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No 1750

Violin Case

Violin Shaped Case--Light Weight Construction--Full Top Pocket--Shoulder Rest--Carrying Straps--Color Red outside--Blue Inside--Violin Full Size 4/4. .

$139.00 CAD
≈ $109.16 USD

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No 1760

Violin Case

Violin Shaped Case Full Size 4/4. Plywood construction, black Cordura cover, full outside music pocket. Black outside and Burgundy Inside. Very nice hard shell case.

$192.00 CAD
≈ $150.78 USD

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No 950CP

Case Handle

Good quality case handle with hardware-Black Leatherette Covering----for Violin and Violia Cases and may be used on other instruments cases.

$14.95 CAD
≈ $11.74 USD

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No 955CP

Case Latch

Silver Colored Case Latch with Key---for Violin--Viola Cases or maybe be used on other instrument Cases. One Size only.

$9.95 CAD
≈ $7.81 USD

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No 965CP

Case Bow Holder

Used to Hold Bow in Cases--Swivel Style--Use in Violin & Viola Case.

$6.00 CAD
≈ $4.71 USD

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No. 519C

Instrument Humidifier

Small Instrument Humidifier--use for maintaining your instrument's humidity level is essential to preserve its playability, sound and integrity. Protects against dryness that might cause cracks. warping and shrinkage. It releases moisture slowly and evenly inside your instrument case. Wet the sponge when needed. Size 5/8 inches thick X 2 inches Wide and 2 3/4 inches long. To be used inside the instrument case. We use this--it's great.

$14.50 CAD
≈ $11.39 USD

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No 100SH

Cello--Bass-Floor Stop

Cello--Bass Floor Stop---Limited Stock for Colors.

$17.20 CAD
≈ $13.51 USD

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No K01

Cello End Pin Anchor

XEROS--Cello end pin Anchor--Cello sets in holder with adjustable strap secured to chair

$23.00 CAD
≈ $18.06 USD

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No K02

Bass End Pin Anchor

XEROS-Bass End Pin Anchor with adjustable strap. Bass sets in cup with strap secured to chair.

$23.00 CAD
≈ $18.06 USD

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Airbridge Wireless system

AIRBRIDGE PLUS--WP-2---Wireless Guitar-Violin-other instruments Wireless System. We purchased this at a trade show and had it tested by performers at different locations with great results. Comes with Transmitter and Receiver and double charging cable. Range 50 meters, Operating Band 700MHz ISM Worldwide, 280 degree rotating head, fits instruments with standard 1/4 in jack. Support 10 sets of devices work at same time. 600mAh Lithium battery, USB port for charging. We recommend this device.

$149.00 CAD
≈ $117.01 USD

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No 217E

Mandolin Pickup

Schatten Pickup for Mandolin--Adheres to back side of adjustable bridge ( not included ) with small amount of special putty (included). Side mount 1/4 inch jack --no volume control. Very easy to install.

$154.95 CAD
≈ $121.68 USD

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No 218E

Mandolin pickup with volume control

Same pick up as No. 217E--However, Side Mounted 1/4 inch Jack with thumbwheel volume control.

$174.95 CAD
≈ $137.39 USD

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No 219E

Schatten Violin Pickup/Volume

Schatten Violin Pick up---WITH Volume Control--Adheres to left side of Bridge (Bridge not included) with a small amount of putty-included. ( Non Permanent Mount---Very easy to install and may taken off and used on another violin when needed.. Side mount Jack with volume control thumb wheel. Full side Violin 4/4. Instructions included.

$174.95 CAD
≈ $137.39 USD

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No. CJ 500

Carpenter Jack

Carpenter Jack for violin 4/4 (full size) pickups--1/4 inch --standard size---NOTE: this is not a pick-up just the side jack. SORRY OUT OF STOCK--PLEASE DO NOT ORDER AT THIS TIME----

$59.00 CAD
≈ $46.33 USD

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No. VT 700

McIntyre Violin Pickup

McIntyre VT-700 Transducer Disc Violin Pick Up with Carpenter 1/4 inch Standard Side Jack. Transducer Disc Violin pickup is a very responsive natural sounding pickup. Mounted externally back of bridge with a small amount of putty (included). Violin full size 4/4.

$169.00 CAD
≈ $132.72 USD

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Schatten Jack Assy---for 221E

Schatten 1/4" jack assembly. Attaches to side of violin--use with # 221E Schatten Pick-up. Violin full size 4/4. Without Volume Control. Sorry old Photo--Same Product Photo as No. 217E--up dated product.

$57.95 CAD
≈ $45.51 USD

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Schatten Jack Assy.

Schatten 1/4 inch Jack Assembly Only--WITH Volume Control, Violin 4/4 full size. Side Mount, Use with Pick-up # 221E. Sorry old photo--New photo same as No. 218E Up dated product

$68.95 CAD
≈ $54.15 USD

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No 600P

Poeland Shoulder Rest

Poeland Shoulder Rest--Pad--Violin Size 3/4 and Full Size 4/4

$15.25 CAD
≈ $11.98 USD

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No 700P - Poeland Shoulder Rest

Same as No. 600P only smaller Size Violins--Great for Students. Poeland Violin Shoulder Pad.

$14.25 CAD
≈ $11.19 USD

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No. SR700

Anton Breton Violin Shoulder Rest

Anton Breton Violin Shoulder Rest--Adjustable Foot Design for Height, Width and Angle. -Violin Size 4/4--3/4.--ON SALE TILL END OF PRESENT STOCK. PLEASE NOTE:*** WHEN YOU ORDER THIS SHOULDER REST WE WILL INCLUDE A SET OF REPLACEMENT END MEMBERS No. 700SRE--AT NO EXTRA CHARGE******

REG: $19.95 CAD
SALE: $9.95 CAD
≈ $7.81 USD

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No 700SRE - End Members for # SR700 Shoulder Rest

Complete Set---- for both ends---- of 2 End Members (moulded feet complete with brackets) for Item # SR 700 Anton Breton Shoulder Rest. Violin 3/4--4/4 and 1/4--1/2. In Stock Now. SPECIAL SALE PRICE.

REG: $6.95 CAD
SALE: $3.50 CAD
≈ $2.75 USD

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No. VS400

Loft Sponge Shoulder Rest

Loft Violin Shoulder Rest Sponge is the answer to your shoulder rest needs. A single Rubber Band attached to the tail gut or end pin stretched to the back left corner of the instrument to secure the sponge. Adds no weight to the instrument, Cannot damage the instrument, Three Violin Sizes 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. ( NOTE--PHOTO TO FOLLOW ) Please advise size when ordering.

$16.95 CAD
≈ $13.31 USD

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No 440 ET

Eclipse Tuner

New: Eclipse Tuner by D'Addario. Affordable no longer means compromise. The New modestly priced tuner with unparalleled performance. Chromatic Clip on tuner offers fast, accurate chromatic tuning on and off the stage. Features a full color vertical display, auto power off, and pitch calibration in a compact design. Multi-swivel action allows for the perfect viewing angle. Can be mounted in front of or behind the head stock on right and left handed instruments. Can be used on many different instruments: Note: Colors: Yellow--Purple--Black.

REG: $21.50 CAD
SALE: $15.95 CAD
≈ $12.53 USD

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No PW-CT-13

Micro Universal Tuner

The dual-swivel clip-on allows for virtually any positioning on most instruments. Visual Metronome, Wide Calibration range 410-480Hz. Reversible multi-color display. A compact, convenient and accurate tuner for every instrument in your collection.

$29.75 CAD
≈ $23.36 USD

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No PW-CT-14

Micro Violin Tuner

Micro Violin Tuner features an easy to read multi-color display in a compact design. Non marring lever-lock clamp holds the tuner securely to the instrument. Not only good for tuning, the unique mounting system and fast pitch response allow it to be used as effective tool for improving intonation while playing.--OUR BEST SELLER---

$29.95 CAD
≈ $23.52 USD

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No. 500E

Intelli Tuner

Clip on Tuner by Intelli---Picks up vibrations directly, blacklight illuminates a LCD panel in dark places, Quadra flat tuning--no need to remove capo to tune guitar, Automatic power off--3 mins no signal, Calibrate from 430 to 449 Hz, May be used on various instruments, compact--folding, fits in palm of hand. Our Best Seller.

$2,850.00 CAD
≈ $2,238.10 USD

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