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D'Addario Ascente E String

E String--Tinned High Carbon Steel--Violin 4/4-Medium Tension--Ball End

$5.28 CAD
≈ $4.08 USD

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No 310

D'Addario Ascente Strings

Packaged Sets-Violin 4/4--medium--Ball End.

$33.18 CAD
≈ $25.65 USD

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No 312-A

Ascente A String

A String--Synthetic Core--Aluminum Wound--Violin 4/4--Medium--Ball End

$8.65 CAD
≈ $6.69 USD

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No 313-D

D'Addario Ascente D String

D'Addario Ascente D String--Synthetic Core-Monel Wound--Violin 4/4-Medium--Ball End.

$9.25 CAD
≈ $7.15 USD

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No 314-G

D'Addario Ascente G String

D'Addario Ascente G String--Synthetic Core-Monel Wound--Medium-Ball End-Violin 4/4

$10.00 CAD
≈ $7.73 USD

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No A310-BULK

 D'Addario Ascente Violin String

New D'Addario Ascente Violin was specifically designed to help players advance their craft. With a wider tonal range, excellent pitch stability and longevity and superior durability, this synthetic core string gives all musicians a more sophisticated palette that elevates their playing to the next level. Medium--Ball Ends--Violin Full Size 4/4. Note: We have tried these new strings in our shop and we recommend them. NOTE: WE HAVE PURCHASED SOME SETS BY BULK (NO PACKAGE) ON SALE AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE- Regular Packaged Suggested Price on these String would be: $46,00.

REG: $46.00 CAD
SALE: $25.00 CAD
≈ $19.33 USD

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D'Addario (USA) - Helicore

Crafted for the professional musician-Multi--Strand Twisted Steel Core. Quick bow response, rich-clear tone. Easy to tune and long playing life. Medium Tension, unwound E. Ball end.Set Violin Full size 4/4.

REG: $55.30 CAD
SALE: $49.00 CAD
≈ $37.88 USD

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No.H310W - Helicore Set with wound E

Same as Set No.H310 but with Aluminum Wound E--Ball end. Complete set. Size: Violin full size 4/4. Medium Tension--Mulit-Strand Twisted Steel Core.

REG: $59.80 CAD
SALE: $53.00 CAD
≈ $40.97 USD

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No.H311 - Helicore E for Set No.H310

Tinned High Carbon Steel--Not Wound--Medium Tension. Violin size 4/4.

$5.50 CAD
≈ $4.25 USD

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No.H311W - Helicore E for Set No.H310W

E String--Aluminum Wound. Medium Tension. Violin full size 4/4.

$10.00 CAD
≈ $7.73 USD

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No.H312 - Helicore A for Set No.H310

A String Aluminum Wound. Medium Tension. Violin Size 4/4.

$13.75 CAD
≈ $10.63 USD

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No.H313 - Helicore D for Set No.H310

Violin D String-Titanium Wound. Medium Tension--Ball End. Violin Full size 4/4.

$16.55 CAD
≈ $12.79 USD

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No.H314 - Helicore G for Set No.H310

Violin G String Silver Wound. Medium Tension--Ball End. Size Violin full size 4/4.

$19.50 CAD
≈ $15.07 USD

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D'Addario (USA) - Pro-Arté

Nylon Core for the serious musician. Warm sound, are less sensitive to humidity and temperature changes and moderate break in period. Medium tension, Ball end. We recommend these strings--- Set Size: Violin full size 4/4.

REG: $58.40 CAD
SALE: $49.50 CAD
≈ $38.27 USD

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No.J5601W - Pro-Arté E for Set No.J56W

Nylon Core-- Aluminum Wound E String--Violin size full size 4/4.

$11.70 CAD
≈ $9.04 USD

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No.J5602 - Pro-Arté A for Set No.J56W

Nylon Core--Aluminum Wound A String--Violin full size 4/4.

$14.45 CAD
≈ $11.17 USD

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No.J5603 - Pro-Arté D for Set No.J56W

Nylon Core--Aluminum Wound D String --Violin full size 4/4.

$14.75 CAD
≈ $11.40 USD

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No.J5604 - Pro-Arté G for Set No.J56W

Nylon Core--Silver Wound G String--Violin full size 4/4.

$17.50 CAD
≈ $13.53 USD

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D'Addario (USA) - Prelude

Solid steel core. Delivers quick response, stable intonation with a strong even tone. Medium tension. Ball end. Complete set. Size: Violin 1/2, 3/4 and Full Size 4/4.

REG: $27.16 CAD
SALE: $25.00 CAD
≈ $19.33 USD

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No.J811 - Prelude E for Set No.J810.

Tinned-High Carbon Steel--Not Wound. E String for Set J-810

$4.40 CAD
≈ $3.40 USD

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No.J812 - Prelude A for Set No.J810.

A String--Steel Core--Aluminum Wound.

$7.25 CAD
≈ $5.60 USD

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No.J813 - Prelude D for Set No.J810.

D String--Steel Core--Nickel Wound.

$7.57 CAD
≈ $5.85 USD

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No.J814 - Prelude G for Set No.J810.

G String--Steel Core--Nickel Wound.

$7.94 CAD
≈ $6.14 USD

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No HE4410

W E Hill Special E String

W E Hill & Sons--Famous Hill Violin E String. It is one of the most popular E Strings on the market. A Favorite for many years--Blends well with all brands of strings. Not Harsh--really on the softer side. Violin-4/4--Ball End--Medium--We have tried this string in our shop and we recommend it. Made in England.

$9.35 CAD
≈ $7.23 USD

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No 4120

Pirastro Tonica

Tonica--made in Germany by Pirastro-Nylon Core-. Ball End-Medium Tension--Violin full size 4/4.

REG: $43.80 CAD
SALE: $41.00 CAD
≈ $31.69 USD

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No 3124 - E String Tonica

E String--Pirastro Tonica, Silvery Steel--Not Wound. Violin full size 4/4--ball end, medium tension.

$4.80 CAD
≈ $3.71 USD

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No 4122 - A String--Tonica

A String Pirastro Tonica--Aluminum Wound/Nylon Core. Violin full size 4/4--ball end, medium tension.

$9.30 CAD
≈ $7.19 USD

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No 4123 - D String Tonica

D String Pirastro Tonica, Silver Wound--Nylon Core. Violin full size 4/4--ball end, medium tension.

$14.20 CAD
≈ $10.98 USD

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No 4124 - G String Tonica

G String Pirastro Tonica--Silver wound--Violin full size 4/4, ball end, medium tension.

$15.50 CAD
≈ $11.98 USD

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Pirastro (Germany) - Piranito

Steel Core String, medium tension, ball end. Size: Violin full size 4/4. Sale June 2018

REG: $52.00 CAD
SALE: $47.00 CAD
≈ $36.33 USD

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No.51P - Piranito E for Set No.50

Plain Steel, Not wound, Violin Size 4/4.

$7.80 CAD
≈ $6.03 USD

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No.52P - Piranito A for Set No.50

Steel Core, Aluminum Wound, Violin size 4/4.

$12.00 CAD
≈ $9.28 USD

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No.53P - Piranito D for Set No.50

Steel Core--Chrome Wound, Violin Size 4/4.

$14.40 CAD
≈ $11.13 USD

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No.54P - Piranito G for Set No.50

Steel Core-- Chrome Wound, Violin Size 4/4.

$16.00 CAD
≈ $12.37 USD

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Pirastro (Germany) - Chromcor

Set---Steel Core, Chromesteel wound, ball end. Medium Tension. Chromcor Strings have a single filament steel core--wound with Chrome Steel. Clear and very brilliant sound, warmer than Piranito, big tonal volume. Suitable for all musicians, esp. fiddlers searching for clear and brilliant sound. Violin Full Size 4/4.

REG: $51.30 CAD
SALE: $47.00 CAD
≈ $36.33 USD

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No.91 - Chromcor E for Set No.90P

E String--Chrome Steel, Ball End--not wound-violin full size 4/4.

$6.50 CAD
≈ $5.02 USD

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No.92 - Chromcor A for Set No.90P

A String--Steel Core, Wound Chrome Steel-Violin full size 4/4.

$13.00 CAD
≈ $10.05 USD

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No.93 - Chromcor D for Set No.90P

D String--Steel Core, Chrome Steel Wound--Violin full size 4/4.

$15.00 CAD
≈ $11.60 USD

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No.94 - Chromcor G for Set No.90P

G String--Steel Core, Chrome Steel Wound--Violin full size 4/4.

$16.80 CAD
≈ $12.99 USD

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No 300PG

Pyramid Acoustic Guitar Strings

High quality acoustic Guitar Strings by Pyramid-Made in Germany, hand wound round bronze, are noted for their bright open stringy sound in addition to very long-life. We have been asked by professional players for these quality strings. Please advise Medium or Light gauge when ordering. Light: .012, .016, .024, .032, .042, .052. Medium: .013, .017, .026, .035, .046, .056. Sold as sets only. Please indicate light or medium when ordering.

$12.60 CAD
≈ $9.74 USD

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No 350PEG

Pyramid Elect Guitar Strings

Pyramid Made in Germany Electric Guitar Strings--Medium-.010, .013, ,017, .026, .036, .046. Quality Pure Nickel Round--hand wound, premium quality superlative made with only the finest materials. Produce excellent tone, great to all types and styles of music. Perfectly balanced with easy response, flexible and pleasant to play with long playing life. Sold as sets only.

$12.00 CAD
≈ $9.28 USD

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No 500 PYS

Pyramid Syntha Core

Pyramid Syntha-core--Strings for the true artist. Precision Aluminum Wound-Synthetic Core (Perlon) The sound qualities are particularly high developed because of the very harmonic position of the overtones of these strings. They produce a clear and pure sound, are rich in overtones, sound similar to gut strings and respond easily to slight finger pressure--insensitive to humidity. Violin full size 4/4--Medium--Ball end

$46.60 CAD
≈ $36.02 USD

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No 500 PYS-E

Syntha Core E String

Pyramid Syntha Core--E String--Precision steel core--Aluminum Flat wire wound. Violin Full Size 4/4-Medium--Ball End

$9.54 CAD
≈ $7.37 USD

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Pyramid (Germany)

Quality strings--ball end--Polished Aluminum wound on Steel Core---Made in Germany. Violin Set Sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 full size-- Medium Tension. Please advise size when ordering. Note--E String not wound.

REG: $23.10 CAD
SALE: $18.50 CAD
≈ $14.30 USD

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No.100-1 - E for Set No.100

Silver Plated Steel--E String--Not Wound--Violin Sizes.

$4.50 CAD
≈ $3.48 USD

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No.100-2 - A for Set No.100

A String--Aluminum Wire Wound--Violin Sizes.

$5.70 CAD
≈ $4.41 USD

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No.100-3 - D for Set No.100

D String--Aluminum Wire Wound--Violin Sizes.

$6.30 CAD
≈ $4.87 USD

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No.100-4 - G for Set No.100

G String--Aluminum Wire Wound--Violin Sizes.

$6.60 CAD
≈ $5.10 USD

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Super Flexible

Sold as a set----Rope Steel - Chrome Steel Wound, Violin 4/4. Special Price.

REG: $64.99 CAD
SALE: $59.00 CAD
≈ $45.61 USD

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No 10 - A String-Super Flexible

Ball End-Violin 4/4-Rope Steel-Chrom-steel Wound

$15.49 CAD
≈ $11.97 USD

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No 12 - D String-Thom-Super Flexible

D String For Set # 15, Rope Steel-Chromsteel Wound-Medium-Ball-Violin 4/4.

$17.79 CAD
≈ $13.75 USD

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No 13 - G String For Super Flexible

G String For Set # 15-Medium-Ball End-Violin 4/4-Rope Steel Chromsteel Wound

$21.99 CAD
≈ $17.00 USD

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No.9 - Super Flexible E for Set No.15

E String--Steel - Aluminum Wound Violin 4/4.

$10.99 CAD
≈ $8.50 USD

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Thomastik-Infeld (Austria) - Precision

Set---Steel Core, Ball End. Complete set. Violin Size: 4/4.

REG: $53.99 CAD
SALE: $49.00 CAD
≈ $37.88 USD

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No.50 - Precision E for Set No.58

E String--Plain Steel. Medium tension. Full size 4/4 Violin.

$7.99 CAD
≈ $6.18 USD

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No.51 - Precision A for Set No.58

A String--Steel-Chrome Wound, Violin full size 4/4.

$13.99 CAD
≈ $10.81 USD

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No.53 - Precision D for Set No.58

D String--Steel-Chrome Wound, Violin size 4/4.

$15.99 CAD
≈ $12.36 USD

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No.54 - Precision G for Set No.58

G String--Steel-Chrome Wound, Violin Size 4/4.

$17.99 CAD
≈ $13.91 USD

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No. 120 WG

Wolf Be Gone

Wofe Be Gone. Install on string behind bridge. Helps prevent wolf tone notes, fits Violin and viola. Note: In picture it is installed on the A String behind the bridge.

$12.75 CAD
≈ $9.86 USD

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String Care Oil

Pirastro-String Care Oil: Protects strings againt humidity, acid and sweat. Use at fingerboard area only.
Bottle 50 ml.

REG: $10.65 CAD
SALE: $5.00 CAD
≈ $3.87 USD

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