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N0 1225R

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Hidersine Light Rosin

Hidersine Light colored rosin, Made in England, old stand by for years. Round block in nice metal can. For summer use------... more info.

REG: $8.00 CAD
SALE: $6.50 CAD
≈ $5.16 USD

N0 715BK

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Violin Repair Guide

Violin Repair Guide by Michael Atria. Illustrated step by step instructions for Bow Rehairing, Repair and Restoration of the Violin, Viola and String ... more info.

REG: $17.50 CAD
SALE: $12.60 CAD
≈ $10.00 USD

NO 130SB

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Stannton Carbon Fiber Bow

A very nice standard weight Carbon Fiber Bow by Stannton at a afordable price. Round with Ebony fully lined frog with doube eye, black colored shaft,... more info.

REG: $129.85 CAD
SALE: $99.50 CAD
≈ $79.00 USD

NO 391A

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Tail Pieces

Rosewood-Polished with Parision Eye--Violin Size 4/4--Shipping with in Canada only. New Restrictions for all Rosewood Products.... more info.

REG: $12.50 CAD
SALE: $6.80 CAD
≈ $5.40 USD

NO 440 ET

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Eclipse Tuner

New: Eclipse Tuner by D'Addario. Affordable no longer means compromise. The New modestly priced tuner with unparalleled performance. Chromatic Clip on... more info.

REG: $26.00 CAD
SALE: $16.00 CAD
≈ $12.70 USD

NO 465FB

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Rosewood Fingerboard

Violin Full Size Rosewood Fingerboard. This item cannot be shipped outside Canada. There is a world wide restriction on all Rosewood. On sale till end... more info.

REG: $26.00 CAD
SALE: $12.50 CAD
≈ $9.92 USD

NO 492PR

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Rosewood With Parisian Eye--Violin Size 4/4. Priced Each. Shipping with in Canada only. New restrictions on all Rosewood products.... more info.

REG: $5.00 CAD
SALE: $2.00 CAD
≈ $1.59 USD

NO 704BK

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Viola Making Plans

Viola making plans by H S Wake. The Viola's made by these instructions have won several awards. Step by step instructions, 80 pages-spiral bound--plan... more info.

REG: $47.35 CAD
SALE: $32.00 CAD
≈ $25.41 USD

NO 705BK

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Cello making plans

Plans for making a Strad model Cello by H S Wake. Step by step instructions including detail worksheets.The author made many cellos by these plans and... more info.

REG: $35.65 CAD
SALE: $25.00 CAD
≈ $19.85 USD

NO 706BK

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Double Bass Plans

Plans to make a Double Bass by H S Wake. The text will tell you with detailed instructions, including detail worksheets, 85 pages-spiral bound. Plans ... more info.

REG: $49.60 CAD
SALE: $35.00 CAD
≈ $27.79 USD

NO 716 BK

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The Set-up & Repairs of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound

The Set Up & Repairs of the Double Bass by Chuck Traeger. Chuck Traeger has continued his research into what makes a double bass sound and play at its... more info.

REG: $34.12 CAD
SALE: $25.80 CAD
≈ $20.48 USD

NO 770T

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Fishtail Out Cannel Gouge

Fishtail--Out Cannel Gouge--Made in Japan--Overall length is approx. 9 1/2 inches--Blade cutting edge 1/2 inches wide. On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $72.80 CAD
SALE: $54.00 CAD
≈ $42.87 USD

NO 772T

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Paring Chisel

Fishtail Tapered Paring Chisel--the unique feature of these Chisels is the blade which tapers from the cutting edge to the shank thus allowing greater... more info.

REG: $95.80 CAD
SALE: $75.00 CAD
≈ $59.55 USD

NO 79

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Rosewood Saddle--Violin--Shipping with in Canada only--New Restrictions on Rosewood products.... more info.

REG: $1.20 CAD
SALE: $0.90 CAD
≈ $0.71 USD

NO 80

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Rosewood Fingerboard Nut--Violin--Shipping within Canada only--New restrictions on Rosewood items. ... more info.

REG: $1.20 CAD
SALE: $0.90 CAD
≈ $0.71 USD

NO 817T

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Incannel Palm Gouge 3/4 inch

Made in Japan--Incannel Palm Gough--3/4 inch Wide Blade--On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $91.00 CAD
SALE: $71.00 CAD
≈ $56.37 USD

NO 824T

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Japanese Flush Cut Saw

Made in Japan--Fine tooth Flush Cutting Razor Saw has a blade size of 4 inches with an overall length of 8 1/4 inches. The blade thickness is 0.012 in... more info.

REG: $24.95 CAD
SALE: $18.00 CAD
≈ $14.29 USD

NO 94

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End Pin

Rosewood-Parisian Eye--Violin--Shipping with in Canada only--New restrictions on Rosewood products.... more info.

REG: $3.50 CAD
SALE: $1.90 CAD
≈ $1.51 USD

NO CT-Q200

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Chromatic Tuner can be used on Ukulele, Bass, Guitar, Violin and other instruments. If no operation or no signal is detected for 3 minutes, it will tu... more info.

REG: $12.50 CAD
SALE: $9.95 CAD
≈ $7.90 USD


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Olympia Violin Strings

Olympia Violin Steel Strings ane made from metal flat wire wrapped around a core wire with multi-fibers, providing a bright rich tone. Manufactured by... more info.

REG: $21.50 CAD
SALE: $13.63 CAD
≈ $10.82 USD

NO. 814T

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Palm Gouge

Made in Japan--Incannel Gouge with Palm Handle. Many Violin Carvers prefer to work with palm-handled tools. The incannel bevel means you can make conc... more info.

REG: $84.17 CAD
SALE: $60.15 CAD
≈ $47.76 USD

NO. 816T

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Palm Gouge

Made in Japan---Incannel Gouge with Palm Handles--Blade Width 1 inch. On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $102.38 CAD
SALE: $70.35 CAD
≈ $55.86 USD

NO. 825T

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Goose Neck Gouge

The unique feature of these tools is the bent (or cranked) shank which allows the blade to lay flat on your work with clearance for your knuckles. The... more info.

REG: $144.47 CAD
SALE: $99.45 CAD
≈ $78.96 USD


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String Swing Wall Hanger

String Swing Home & Studio Violin Hanger holds Instrument and Bow. Violin's size 3/4 and 4/4 and 13" to 17" Violas. Sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $16.25 CAD
SALE: $11.50 CAD
≈ $9.13 USD


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String Swing Mic Stand Violin Hanger

String Swing Mic/Music Stand Violin Holder. Holds Instrument and Bow--3/4 size and 4/4 (full size) Violin. Sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $16.25 CAD
SALE: $11.50 CAD
≈ $9.13 USD

NO. G-6075

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Guitar Bridge

Martin Style--Full Size Guitar Bridge-Indian Rosewood. Shipping with in Canada only. New International restrictions on all Rosewood Products. ... more info.

REG: $12.35 CAD
SALE: $8.50 CAD
≈ $6.75 USD

NO. MM100

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Violin Shape Rosin

Violin Shape Rosin--Now on Sale !... more info.

REG: $6.65 CAD
SALE: $5.00 CAD
≈ $3.97 USD

NO. MR100

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Golden Green Rosin

Golden Green Rosin--made in Germany. A well blended rosin that works very well on all types of strings. We have been testing this Rosin in our shop wi... more info.

REG: $16.30 CAD
SALE: $9.95 CAD
≈ $7.90 USD


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Guarneri model, large plate, rosewood, silver colored hardware. Size 4/4. Shipping within Canada only--New International Restrictions for Rosewood. ... more info.

REG: $18.00 CAD
SALE: $9.60 CAD
≈ $7.62 USD


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Tailpiece - Violin

Rosewood, finest quality. Size 4/4. Regular Round Style. Shipping with in Canada only--New Restrictions on all Rosewood products. ... more info.

REG: $9.50 CAD
SALE: $4.80 CAD
≈ $3.81 USD


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Tailpiece - Violin

Hill model, Rosewood with Ebony Fret. Size 4/4.---Notice: Sipping within Canada only. World wide restriction on all Rosewood Products. We cannot ship ... more info.

REG: $12.50 CAD
SALE: $7.20 CAD
≈ $5.72 USD


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Fingerboard - Violin

Ebony, B-- Quality----Maybe be some lighter lines in the wood--However, Still Ebony. Made in India-- Size Violin 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4. Sale till end of... more info.

REG: $18.50 CAD
SALE: $12.00 CAD
≈ $9.53 USD


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Peg - Violin

Swiss model, Rosewood, finest quality. Violin Size 4/4. Medium size shaft-9mm. Shipping with in Canada only--New Restrictions on all Rosewood Products... more info.

REG: $3.00 CAD
SALE: $1.50 CAD
≈ $1.19 USD


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A Luthier's Scrapbook

By H. S. Wake. A collection of short how-to-do-it articles and information on every phase of the making, repair, and restoration of instruments of th... more info.

REG: $33.40 CAD
SALE: $22.00 CAD
≈ $17.47 USD


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Violin Bow Rehair and Repair

By H. S. Wake. One of the best and easiest to understand manuals on the subject of rehairing, repairing, and restoring bows. Clearly written with 88 ... more info.

REG: $35.50 CAD
SALE: $24.00 CAD
≈ $19.06 USD


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The Technique of Violin Making

By H. S. Wake. Step by step instructions for building a violin, from wood selection to final finishing, with full scale working diagrams. 114 pages. S... more info.

REG: $35.50 CAD
SALE: $24.00 CAD
≈ $19.06 USD


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Endpin - Violin

Rosewood--India--Violin.--Shipping within Canada only--New Restrictions on Rosewood-... more info.

REG: $1.40 CAD
SALE: $0.75 CAD
≈ $0.60 USD


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Endpin - Violin

Hill model, rosewood with black end button--Violin.--Shipping with in Canada only--New restrictions on Rosewood products. ... more info.

REG: $3.50 CAD
SALE: $1.20 CAD
≈ $0.95 USD